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solar DC surge
The Cooper three-module photovoltaic surge protective device(SPD) (with three -step DC switching device) features visual indication and optional remote contact signaling (floating changeover contact) for use in PV systems. These complete surge protective devices are suitable for all PV systems in accordance with IEC 60364-7-712. Includes a five year limited warranty.
These prewired solutions consist of a base and locking modules that feature a combined and short-circuiting (shunting) device with safe electrical isolation to prevent fire damage due to DC arcs. An integrated DC fuse allows safe module replacement without arc formation.
In case of insulation faults in the generator circuit, a reliable and tested fault-resistant Y circuit prevents damage to the surge protective devices.
The green and red visual indicator flags show the module protective status ( green =good, red =replace). Apart from this visual indication, the remote signaling option features a three terminal floating changeover contact that can be used as a make or break contact depending on the particular monitoring system design employed.

Product Parameters
SUP2-PV series surge protector SUP2-PV
Normal PV system voltage: 1000V 1200V 1500V
MCOV : 1170V DC 1200V DC 1500V DC
Max system discharge current:  40ka 30ka 30ka
Voltage protection level:  ≤4kv ≤4.5kv ≤4.5kv
Voltage protection level:   at 5ka ≤3.5kv ≤4kv ≤4kv
Integrated Fuse breaking capacity 
/interrupting rating : 30ka/100v dc 30ka/1200v dc 30ka/1500v dc
Technology Short-current interription overload protection
Operating temperature range :  -40℃ + 80℃
Normal discharge current : 12.5ka
Response time:  <25ns
Operating state/fault indication : green(good) Red(replace)
Conductor rating and cross-sectionalarea : Minimum 60/75℃ 1.5mm2 /14AWG Solid/ Flexible
Maximum: 60/75℃ 35mm2 /2AWG Standards /25mm2/ 4AWG Flexible
Mounting : 35mm din rail per EN 60175
Enclosure material : UL 94V0 thermoplactic
Degree of protection:  IP20
Capacity : 3 Modules, din 43880
Standards information:  IEC 61643-11 Type2, IEC 61643-1 Class Ⅱ
Product warranty:  Five years
SPD is used to protect all kinds of electrical equipment in the power system from lightning over-voltage, operation over-voltage, power frequency transient over-voltage impact damage to an electrical appliance
The electrical circuit or communication lines because of outside interference peak current or voltage suddenly, the surge protector can in a very short time conducting shunt, so as to avoid damage to other equipment surge in the loop Installed front of inverter input and back of inverter output Installed in Parallel the spd is installed in the electric circuit with parallel, the first to play a protective role, the response time in the 25 to 50 nanosecond
First factory produce 1500V SPD, approved TUV certificate at EN50539-11 standard.
Every pole achieve 1500V, 1200V, 1000V, 500V.
PPT material cover. Anti flame.
Use Longke chip from Taiwan. Material Zinc oxide.
With specific thermal disconnects and failure indicator(visual indicator/ optional): green-good, red-replace
Remote control: with signal contact
Plug-in module
Life: 50 times

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